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Daniel Defense V5™ LW


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Additional Information

Manufacturing # / SKU02-123-16138-047-
Restricted ShippingYes
Caliber5.56mm NATO
Muzzle Thread1⁄2×28 TPI (Threads Per Inch)
Gas SystemMid-length
Barrel Length16"
Product Weight6.15 lbs
Length32 ¼” – 35 7/8”
MagazineDD Magazine
CaseDaniel Defense Full-Latch Impact Plastic Case
ManufacturerDaniel Defense

Daniel Defense V5™ LW

The Daniel Defense M4 Carbine, V5 Lightweight is approximately five ounces lighter than the standard V5.  It's perfectly adapted for end-users who plan on attaching the ever popular red dot, holographic or magnified optics to their firearm. The slick top monolithic upper receiver provides operators with valuable top rail real estate for accessories that fit their shooting needs.  The DDM4V5 LW is equipped with a single pinned low profile gas block that is drilled, taper reamed, and press fit into place to securely attach the low profile gas block to the barrel assembly. This rifle also comes with the newly designed, rugged and comfortable Daniel Defense Buttstock and Pistol Grip.


  • LOWER RECEIVER: Mil-Spec with Enhanced Flared Magazine Well and Rear Receiver QD Swivel Attachment Point. CNC Machined of 7075-T6 Aluminum, Type III Hard Coat Anodized
  • UPPER RECEIVER: Mil-Spec with Indexing Marks and M4 Feed Ramps. CNC Machined of 7075-T6 Aluminum, Type III Hard Coat Anodized
  • BARREL: Chrome Moly Vanadium Steel, Cold Hammer Forged, 1:7 twist, 16″ Lightweight Profile, Chrome Lined, MP tested, and Mil-Spec Heavy Phosphate Coated
  • GAS SYSTEM: Pinned Low Profile Gas Block CNC Machined of 4140 hardened steel and Mil-Spec Heavy Phosphate Coating, Mid-Length, Direct Impingement
  • MUZZLE DEVICE: Daniel Defense Flash Suppressor, 17-4 PH Stainless Steel, Salt Bath Nitride Finished
  • BOLT CARRIER GROUP: M16 Profile, Mil-Spec MP Tested, Chrome Lined, Properly Staked Gas Key
  • BUFFER: H Buffer
  • SIGHTS: Sold Separately
  • HANDGUARD: Daniel Defense DDM4 Rail™ 12.0, CNC Machined of 6061-T6 Aluminum, Type III Hard Coat Anodized
  • RECEIVER EXTENSION: 6 Position Mil-Spec 7075-T6 Aluminum
  • BUTTSTOCK: Daniel Defense Buttstock, Glass Filled Polymer with Soft Touch Overmolding
  • PISTOL GRIP: Daniel Defense Pistol Grip, Glass Filled Polymer with Soft Touch Overmolding
  • GRIP: Daniel Defense Vertical Grip, Glass Filled Polymer with Soft Touch Overmolding
  • RAIL PANELS: Daniel Defense Rail Panels made from Santoprene, heat resistant to 300° F.
  • Made in the USA!

All Daniel Defense products carry a 100% satisfaction guarantee against defects in original materials and workmanship. If your Daniel Defense product shows evidence of such defects, Daniel Defense will make every accommodation to fix, repair, or replace your product in the most expeditious manner possible. Daniel Defense does not warranty products or damage caused to our products by the correct or incorrect installation of other manufacturer’s products. Be sure to retain your sales slip as proof of purchase date when making a claim.

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Customer Reviews 9 item(s)

Love it
I love my DD. I wouldn't trade it for anything. Shoots well, and is on point with what I used to carry for the armed forces. I really impressed with the quality. Can't wait to buy more from Daniel Defense.
Review by Davi176 / (Posted on 8/17/2016)
Great quality.
I am very please with my DDM4V5LW. I purchased it brand new in April 2014 for my 45th birthday present. I own other firearms, but this was my first "AR-15" as most people call them.
Review by Burr / (Posted on 8/6/2016)
Best rifle I have ever shot!
I have built rifles and I have a BCM rifle . But SHTF ever happens in this country it would be my go to set up I have in a box I built in my explorer DDV5 lw 2 Glock 17s mos model and my mayflower rig
Review by BIGGS / (Posted on 6/27/2016)
Excellent Rifle! Won't Disappoint!
This was my first Gun and AR15... without a doubt a great choice.

I've put approximately 1000 rounds through it in the last 1.5 years and have yet to get a malfunction with any of the ammo I've fired. I mostly shoot American Eagle 5.56 but have tried Wolf .223 and other cheap ammo known to be "Unreliable" and "dirty".... they all shoot fine. The gun is capable at sub 1 inch groups at 100 yards with ball ammo. I have not gotten the chance to stretch it's legs yet, but I have high hopes. I plan on putting match ammo through at 300 yards this summer and see what happens.

The fit and finish of all the parts is nearly perfect. Their is minimal play between the upper and lower receivers. It can be a little difficult to get accessories on the rail at first, but it's built to spec and will work with any in-spec accessories. The Daniel Defense Furniture (Stock, Vertical Grip, and Pistol Grip) that came on mine is great, I wouldn't recommend swapping it out unless you have something you know for sure you like more. Its fairly light and comfortable but is sturdy enough that it won't break easily. I would like to add that the Pistol Grip incorporates an enlarged trigger guard, which I absolutely love. I can easily get a gloved finger in.

The rifle has plenty of QD points for slings. One on each side of the stock, one under the buffer tube on the lower receiver, and two on each end of the rail (Left and right sides for a total of 4).

The internal parts are perfect, they will show ware like any other part but hold up like they should. the Gas key is properly staked and the BCG is built like a tank.

All and all, the rifle shoots very soft due to the mid-length gas system. I get minimal gas back in my face when firing. The Daniel Defense Flash Hider works well in eliminating flash, and mitigating muzzle climb.

The trigger is good. It's nothing worth bragging about, but it's about as good as a mil-spec trigger can be. It's consistent, clean, and crisp. the reset is very pronounced and is impossible to miss, even in stressful situations. The selector is very crisp and easy to swap. It's either on safe, or fire.... it won't get stuck in between.

Here are my only gripes about the rifle. One is that it doesn't come with sights. I wish it would come with some flip up sights or even fixed sights out of the box. I don't think it would be a terrible idea for Daniel Defense to make their own flip up BUIS and put them on the rifles. My only other complaint is the hard case. You can't fit a loaded rifle with an optic or a rifle with a Vertical grip and an optic in it.
Review by Tyler / (Posted on 5/9/2016)
I recently bought this rifle and took it shooting. Only fired about 100 rounds but I got to say; it was amazing. The rifle had no malfunctions whatsoever. I was able to score 1-inch groups at 50 yards with iron sights. Couldn't be happier with my purchase.
Review by David / (Posted on 5/3/2016)
Do not hesitate buy it!!
Impeccable quality,very soft shooting and great value AR15 in the market
Review by Fredog / (Posted on 4/3/2016)
Thank you
I've have two of yours and looking for my third and fourth to purchase within the next 60 days.
DD rifle are the best on the market so many of my family and friends who find me at our local gun range always ask if I don't mind letting them pull a few rounds. It seems like the next time I see them at the same range they always have a brand new Daniel Defense carbine in third gun case. They all love the quality and price too.

Thank you for building us such nice weapons.

Review by CROW / (Posted on 2/29/2016)
great rifle
one thousand rounds and zero problems.
Review by moose0311 / (Posted on 2/9/2016)
No. Better. Rifle.
I was looking for an M4-similar weapon that I once carried in the Marine Corps during combat missions. The gun dealer put a Daniel Defense rifle in my hands, which was a manufacturer that I was not familiar with, and I immediately knew this weapon would be a lifelong asset to my family's safety. Light, ultra-comfortable and extremely rigid to the touch, my DDM4 V5 LW is the choice go-to weapon if I ever need to use it. Thank you Daniel Defense for making quality products that confirm my training and experience will be backed by this steadfast and reliable rifle if the need should arise.
Review by Custer24 / (Posted on 1/8/2016)
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