Vice President of Sales

U.S. Navy Veteran


Law Enforcement Sales Manager; 13 years with DD

U.S. Marine Corps Veteran


Federal Government & International Sales Director

U.S. Army Veteran - 75th Ranger Regiment


MIL/LE Inside Sales

912-851-3238 ext. 3361

Military Sales Manager

U.S. Army Special Forces (Retired)


Ever since the days when Daniel Defense was nothing more than a single metal cabinet tucked in the corner of Marty Daniel’s garage-door business, everything we’ve built has been created with one underlying philosophy: Make it the best—something we would use and trust as if our very lives depended on it. Today, law enforcement and military users are doing just that—trusting our products with their very lives—and we have no intention of letting them down. In the span of less than 15 years, Daniel Defense firearms are recognized as among the finest in the industry. Our rail systems earned us the coveted USSOCOM Rail System Contract and the right to be the sole-source provider to the UK Ministry of Defence. And our Cold Hammer Forged (CHF) barrels undergo an extreme hydraulic hammering process that literally changes the molecular structure of the steel, making them more durable and creating the most consistent bore and chamber possible. When you see the Daniel Defense name, trust that you’re getting cutting-edge technology, state-of-the-art manufacturing, and an unwavering commitment to quality—all of which went into a product designed and manufactured to meet or exceed your expectations. You have our word—and our name—on it.

2019 MILE Events

April 25 - 26
Texas Tactical Police Officers Association Conference
April 26 - 28
NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits
April 29 - May 2
NASDEA 2019 Spring Conference
May 1 - 2
SOG US Border Patrol Law Enforcement Expo
May 14 - 15
ADS Warrior West
June 4
Ohio Tactical Officers Association Conference
July 10 - 11
ADS Warrior East
October 14 - 16