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It's in our DNA to build the best

Building the best isn’t something we try to do. Trying is for those that have the option to fail. We build the best because it’s part of our DNA. We’re genetically coded to make sure that every firearm and accessory stamped with the Daniel Defense name is the absolute best it can be before it ever winds up in your hands. And once there, you’ll feel the quality and workmanship – the Daniel DNA – all the way down to a molecular level.

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Every Daniel firearm, part, or accessory is designed and manufactured right here in the U.S., in Black Creek, Georgia. American employees working American jobs ensure that our products see the American quality. We’re committed to providing excellence to our civilian customers looking for best-in-class items for home defense and recreational and competitive shooting. But we also support the military and law enforcement communities that protect our freedoms with top-tier firearms and accessories designed to get the job done and them home safe. Our support for Second Amendment rights is unwavering because without the teeth of the Second Amendment, there is no First Amendment…and no America as we know it.


If you’re not pushing forward, you’re standing still. Our product engineering continually extends boundaries and renders the status quo obsolete. But we don’t design for design’s sake. We take a customer-centric approach, always asking the question, “What are the features of this design that benefit the ones who will actually be using the product?” And even the best design in the world is useless if you bring it to fruition using inferior materials. So we build our forward-thinking-designed products out of only the finest materials. Things like: ultra-high-strength stainless steel, aircraft-grade aluminum, carbon-fiber-reinforced polymers, and nickel superalloys.


All of Daniel’s products are designed and built first and foremost to perform and help you get the job done. Every single time. So we take reliability and durability very seriously and test our products to try to make them fail. They seldom do, but if one does, it’s scrapped and doesn’t make it out of our facilities. If we notice a pattern, it’s back to the drawing board. And, since everyone’s idea of performance isn’t the same, and needs change over time, we manufacture our firearms with built-in upgrades and make them fully customizable. So no matter what you’re looking to do, chances are we have the SKU for you.


Most firearm “manufacturers” are content to simply assemble the parts made by other manufacturers –many located overseas. Not Daniel. We use state-of-the-art technology and robotics to manufacture our own parts. All of our barrels are made from proprietary steel and stainless steel alloys on GFM Radial Cold Hammer Forging machines. Over 90 CNC machines precision mill parts and components with exacting tolerances. Our high-performance DD WAVE sound suppressors are 3D printed using a direct-metal laser-sintering process. And once something is manufactured, we exercise industry-leading quality-control measures and technology – like utilizing coordinating measuring machines, optical vision systems, and in-house-designed specialty gauging to make sure every component meets or exceeds our demanding standards. Then, and only then, do our products make it into your hands. Because if we won’t sign off on it, you don’t sign for it.

After undergoing a rigorous qualification process that examined every department of the company, Daniel Defense was issued ISO 9001:2015 certification for quality management systems in 2020. This globally recognized certification demonstrates our dedication to achieving the highest levels of quality and ensuring that all of our products meet or exceed regulatory requirements – and customer expectations.


Daniel products are guaranteed for a lifetime. Not your lifetime – as a lot of manufacturers try to get by with – but the lifetime of the product. Because we design and manufacture our products to last and be appreciated and passed down through the generations. Which means it doesn’t matter whether you’re the first owner or the fifth owner; we stand behind our product. And if you ever do have a problem, our Customer Service Team – American Daniel employees located in America – will be happy to assist you and make things right. Because we know our job doesn't end once a sale is made. As long as you’re behind one of our products, so are we.