NRA Instructor Incentive Program

Order Guidelines

Firearms are available for purchase.  However, firearms under the NRA Instructor Incentive Program cannot be purchased online.

Your firearm will be scheduled for the earliest available build date.  Delivery depends on the model chosen and market conditions.  For more information, please contact a Daniel Defense Inside Sales Associate at or by calling 1-866-554-GUNS (4867).

Please download the order form below and follow the order instructions.

National Rifle Association (“NRA”) Range Program Terms & Conditions.

• NRA Certified Instructors and Coaches (“Trainers”) will have the opportunity to purchase a selected Daniel Defense firearm of their choice at a one-time reduced price of 30% off MSRP.
• All sales are contingent upon verification that the Trainer is certified and in good standing with the NRA. Daniel Defense will send Trainer Names & Certification No.’s to the NRA on a weekly basis for verification.
• All purchases pursuant to the NRA Range Program are prepaid only. Credit Card/Debit Card is required for all payment.
• All applicable state and local tax(es) apply.
• All applicable federal, state and local law(s) apply.
• All orders must “ship to” a FFL Dealer (Federal Firearms License) Dealer, and all required regulatory paperwork must be completed by the Trainer.
• Firearm purchases pursuant to the NRA Range Program are for Trainers sole use only. Any such item(s) purchased pursuant to this program are not for resale.
• The NRA Range Program (*and associated pricing) is strictly confidential. Trainers are not to share and/or promote this program in any way (including online, social media or any other method).
• Terms are subject to change at any time.

Order Rules
•    The NRA Instructor Incentive Program is a one-time opportunity to place an order at 30% off.
-The order may not exceed one firearm and up to two upper receiver groups.

Download the NRA Redemption Form Here