Got Stock?

We hear you loud and clear. Truth is, we can’t build them fast enough. But we’re doing our best, and we add new stock every weekday afternoon.

"Maybe you could tell us how he managed to get one? Considering these are like gold and seem to never be enough to go around." ~Shad

This is a message we’ve been communicating as much as possible during this pandemic-filled, politically-heightened past year as the industry has seen hyper demand for firearms and ammunition. Yes, we actually have stock available, but you have to be on your toes to be lucky enough to plug in your credit card number before the last one is gone.

So, to answer Shad’s question, here’s what you do:

  1. We update inventory weekday afternoons at 4PM EST. That’s 4PM Georgia (Atlantic coast) time, not Colorado or California time. Notice I said Georgia time and not New York time. If you live in New York but you love firearms, you may want to visit your local U-Haul location and move south. Every Monday through Friday with exception of Holidays and Christmas week, we add a lot of inventory we’ve built that day to the website for sale.
  2. Be there at 4PM, and be ready to pull the trigger.
  3. When the other guy beats you to the punch and made off with the last M4 or pistol you had your eye on, sign up for an in-stock notification. The next time that product becomes available, we’ll immediately send out an e-mail letting you know. If you don’t read the email in time to make it to the site before they sell out, you’ll need to sign up again to be notified in the next batch.

Daniel Defense In Stock Notification Example

The takeaways: We update inventory weekdays at 4PM, then send out e-mails, then sell out fast. It is what it is. Our armorers are turning wrenches; our operators are manufacturing parts; our office staff is planning to ensure the supply line keeps feeding us enough raw materials to build the best firearms in the world. We promise we’re still in business. Here are a few pics taken Friday, January 29, of our armorers building rifles.