Firearm Maintenance

Consequences: though something seems pure and joyful, the undesired effects are always lurking around the bend.  Now this may seem dramatic, but there are few greater joys than a great range day or training session.  For most of us, this high we experience from a day of trigger time is short-lived, as reality sets in that the gun we just removed from the bag has left black carbon grime on our hands.  Now, for those of us who have been doing this forever, procrastination sets in when it comes time to clean—no excuse is too weak.   Alternatively, being a proud, protective parent, are you on the opposite end of the spectrum where “caring for your baby” is at the heart of the range-day ritual?

To those that are new to the world of firearms, this task may seem daunting; especially with a platform like the AR15.  Luckily, for us AR15 owners—I personally own several—firearm maintenance and cleaning usually takes a lot less time than we think.  For the few who love to clean, they will explain that cleaning allows them to get to know the firearm better and appreciate its complexities.  I can’t disagree. The more you disassemble, clean, and reassemble your carbine, the more you will learn how it functions along with its needed improvements.  Another great reason to spend time cleaning your firearm is to protect it from early wear and tear, which could lead to malfunctions.  This may seem obvious, but like a car, a gun deserves quality maintenance to ensure a long service life.

The investment you made to protect your family and home is reason enough to ensure it functions reliably, 100% of the time.  So, dive into the firearm maintenance ritual; bask in the fumes of your favorite solvent while cleaning your rifle after every use, and enjoy it.  Because at the end of the day, putting in the work to have a clean, well-lubricated AR will only make the next range day or training session even better.

Watch Now: Basic Firearm Maintenance

We know that gun cleaning is a very personal and specific exercise, and the way we performed it in this video may differ from the way you do it. That being said we have linked all of the products used below for ease of following along.

Gun Scrubber



Otis Bones Cleaning Tool

Dental Pick


Bore Snake