Piston Omega Rail™

The Daniel Defense Piston Omega Rail™ accurately displays our manufacturing capabilities by delivering a much needed product specifically engineered to satisfy the demand for a rail system that will accommodate most commercially available gas piston systems.  The Piston Omega Rail™ is a free float rail system that allows individual operator installation, requiring ZERO modification to the host weapon!  The Piston Omega Rail™ features integrated, limited-rotation QD Sling Swivel attachment points, an uninterrupted upper rail platform, and a removable top rail for access to piston components.  All Piston Omega Rail™ fasteners are built to military specifications for finish and quality. Its exceptional light weight makes it perfect for short rifles where size and weight are crucial for optimum performance.  All Daniel Defense Rail Systems are built to the 1913 Military Specification and are 100% Quality Assurance checked for conformity to the specification.

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