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Don't Want to Pay a Transfer Fee?

When you purchase a firearm on, by selecting a Preferred Dealer at checkout, you’ll get the benefit of not having to pay the transfer fee.  We’ll handle it for you.  You can then use that savings to purchase other ammo and gear needed to get it ready for range time.  When selecting your Dealer at checkout, simply choose a location with “Preferred Dealer” listed beside the name.

We hope you find this to be of great value and appreciate you supporting your local dealer.  CLICK HERE to check for a Preferred Dealer near you.



What is a Daniel Defense Preferred Dealer?

Preferred Dealers are FFL dealers that, in addition to carrying a larger assortment of Daniel Defense Firearms, do not charge a transfer fee for firearms purchased on and transferred to the customer at that location.

How do I select a Preferred Dealer when I purchase a firearm?

Prior to checking out, we suggest you look for Preferred Dealers in your area using our Dealer Locator HERE. At checkout, you'll be given the option to search a list of dealers in your area via a drop-down menu. Preferred Dealers will have PREFERRED DEALER in all caps just to the right of the dealer's name.

Why should I select a Preferred Dealer over one that I use on a regular basis?

You are welcome to use any FFL dealer you choose as long as they have agreed in advance to perform the transfer. However, you will be subject to a transfer fee unless they are a Daniel Defense Preferred Dealer. When you select a Preferred Dealer at checkout at, you’ll receive the benefit of not having to pay a transfer fee for that firearm.

Will I have to pay a transfer fee if I use a Preferred Dealer?

No. When you purchase a firearm on, and choose to have a Preferred Dealer for the transfer, Daniel Defense will pay the transfer fee for you.

What should I do if the Preferred Dealer I chose is attempting to charge me a transfer fee on the firearm I purchased on

All Preferred Dealers waive the transfer fee for firearms purchased on If the Preferred Dealer is charging a transfer fee, please call us at 1-866-554-GUNS (4867). We will work with them to resolve the issue to ensure a great customer experience.