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DDM4ISR® (Mil Spec +®)


Only Available at Authorized Dealers

Additional Information

Manufacturing # / SKU 02-103-15139-047
Restricted Shipping Yes
Caliber 300 BLK
Muzzle Thread Permanently Attached Muzzle Device
Gas System Pistol Length
Barrel Length No
Profile No
Product Weight 7.57 lbs
Length 31 ½” – 34 ¾”
Magazine DD Magazine
Case Daniel Defense Full-Latch Impact Plastic Case
Manufacturer Daniel Defense

Product Downloads

   Rifle Manual Download Rifle Manual

DDM4ISR® (Mil Spec +®)

The Daniel Defense DDM4ISR is our Integrally Suppressed Weapon System optimized for the .300 Blackout cartridge. Built around a 9”, Cold Hammer Forged barrel that is fluted along with a target crown and a standard pistol-length gas system, this versatile, high-performance rifle is the complete package, accurately delivering both subsonic and supersonic projectiles downrange with unrelenting reliability. Because the suppressor is an integral part of the barrel, this weapon system is ready for service right out of the box. There’s no attaching a suppressor and wondering if it’s mounted correctly and/or properly aligned. There’s no re-zeroing for suppressed vs. unsuppressed fire.

The DDM4ISR’s integral suppressor extends the barrel to an NFA-required 16 inches in length, so this platform is not classified as a Short Barreled Rifle (SBR) and therefore only requires a single tax stamp (for the suppressor). The suppressor’s lightweight outer tube is constructed of durable, heat-resistant metal alloys and coated with a protective high-temperature Cerakote-C finish, which is able of withstanding extreme temperatures and harsh environments. The suppressor is also user-serviceable, so its baffle core can be easily removed for periodic cleaning in order to maintain peak performance.

The DDM4ISR comes standard with Daniel Defense’s MFR XL 15.0 modular handguard, which features a continuous 1913 Picatinny rail on its top, for the mounting of iron sights or optics, and Keymod attachment points on the sides and bottom. This longer, multi-functional handguard, in conjunction with a Daniel Defense Buttstock and Pistol Grip, make the DDM4ISR as ergonomic and maneuverable as it is versatile. A resilient, attractive Mil Spec + Cerakote finish not only protects this weapon system from the elements, it also adds to its overall aesthetics—so while you’re sending rounds down range; you’ll also turn a few heads.

NFA Disclaimer

This firearm is a regulated item by the National Firearms Act (NFA). Please check with your local and state municipalities for any further regulatory requirements. It is the buyer’s responsibility to make sure they comply with all NFA rules and applicable laws.

Materials & Construction

  • UPPER RECEIVER: Mil-Spec with Indexing Marks and M4 Feed Ramps
  • LOWER RECEIVER: Mil-Spec with Enhanced Flared Magazine Well and Rear Receiver QD Swivel Attachment Point
  • UPPER RECEIVER: Mil-Spec with Indexing Marks and M4 Feed Ramps. CNC Machined of 7075-T6 Aluminum
  • BARREL: Chrome Moly Vanadium Steel, Cold Hammer Forged, 1:8 Twist, 9″ S2W Profile, Chrome Lined, Mil-Spec Heavy Phosphate Coated, and HP/MPI Tested
  • INTEGRATED SUPPRESSOR: All Stainless Steel Construction, 17-4PH Monolithic Baffle, High-temp Cerakote-C Finish, Pinned and Welded Assembly.
  • GAS SYSTEM: Daniel Defense ISR Integrated Gas Block, Pistol Length, Direct Impingement
  • BOLT CARRIER GROUP: M16 Profile, Mil-Spec MP tested, Chrome Lined, Properly Staked Gas Key
  • BUFFER: H Buffer
  • SIGHTS: Sold Separately
  • RECEIVER EXTENSION: 6 Position Mil-Spec 7075-T6 Aluminum
  • BUTTSTOCK: Daniel Defense Buttstock, Glass Filled Polymer with Soft Touch Overmolding
  • PISTOL GRIP: Daniel Defense Pistol Grip, Glass Filled Polymer with Soft Touch Overmolding
  • GRIP: Daniel Defense Vertical Grip, Glass Filled Polymer with Soft Touch Overmolding
  • FINISH: Mil Spec + Cerakote
  • Made in the USA!

All Daniel Defense products carry a 100% satisfaction guarantee against defects in original materials and workmanship. If your Daniel Defense product shows evidence of such defects, Daniel Defense will make every accommodation to fix, repair, or replace your product in the most expeditious manner possible. Daniel Defense does not warranty products or damage caused to our products by the correct or incorrect installation of other manufacturer’s products. Be sure to retain your sales slip as proof of purchase date when making a claim.

Product Reviews

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Customer Reviews 17 item(s)

My 5th dd
Purchased one yesterday. Now we wait and wait !!!!!!
Review by Kreuz / (Posted on 4/25/2017)
Best money can buy
If you are one and done or top of the line kind of buyer/shooter this is the weapon for you. If you want the best AR money can buy then your looking at the right weapon! I recently purchased my DDM4iSR and waiting on my tax stamp =*( This is the only down side but hey its only one tax stamp instead of two. Many people complain about the price, but honestly most dealers will sell lower them MSRP and if you want to save $200-400 and build a mid quality AR go ahead. This rifle is ready from day one throughout its life time! Daniel Defense is top notch and their customer service is second to none. I to did not want to spend so much on an AR but i wanted a AR that would last for years to come. This is that rifle.... now only if the ATF worked faster approving form 4''s...... The only negative reviews will be by the ones that cant afford this =*(
Review by Chris / (Posted on 4/22/2017)
Great rifle
Beautiful rifle. Dead silent and no recoil. Absolutely a blast to shoot.
Review by 702shooter / (Posted on 1/14/2017)
Outstanding piece of kit, Love mine
Great weapon and fills the gap nicely between my 556&308 (both suppressed) without compromising length
Review by Bart / (Posted on 12/31/2016)
Great all round mil,le,civilian ..possibly fav m4 to date . Would make a great the ultimate hog gun..
Ingenious idea wrh the suppersor/barrel combination and in keeping velocity and avoding sbr configuration .
Review by Tenn (Lee) Ga (gator) / (Posted on 12/21/2016)
I love it
I love it
Review by Ted / (Posted on 12/6/2016)
Great investment
Great product! Price will deture purchase from your average joe when you can buy an AR rifle and a suppressor for $2000.00 ! I have been fortunate enough to be able to purchase my own DDM4ISR 300 blackout rifle! Shoots great the suppressor with subsonic ammo is the true virtue of this weapon. For the price they should have added a cleaning kit and additional mags! Daniel Defense is a great manufacturer and you see it in its products I highly recommend this gun to anyone looking to invest in a quality suppressed rifle from the factory ready to Rock!!!
Review by 5150Texas / (Posted on 10/29/2016)
It will be my Third DD!
I own the .308 Hylander the DDM4V7 .556 both equipped with ACOGs
I can not wait until X-Mas to buy this 300 black out!
Daniel Defense weapons are second to none, a few of my friends who are "cheap" give me crap but they know everything I do comes with Quality as the Word!
Review by Randy / (Posted on 10/18/2016)
7/10 price is a bit high...but it is one of the newer guns
All around good rifle
Wonderful to the touch
Almost god like
Love that there is a built in silencer
Review by JAKETHEKING / (Posted on 10/12/2016)
Can't wait to do a demo.
Again Daniel Defense is on the cutting edge of weapon design and innovation! Total package for a .300 blk. End user with multiple applications.
Review by Billy Mac / (Posted on 10/7/2016)
Amazing quality, extremely quiet, best purchase I've made in a long time.
My wife loves shooting this model because it's so quiet. I've only shot a couple hundred rounds so far and bc it's integrated with the barrel, I don't have issues with gas making my eyes water. I'm used to shooting mk18 with a can, and the gas leaks from where the can connects to the muzzle. I don't have that problem with mine. I wanted to support 300 black out and I am super happy with this rifle. I think MSRP scares people from this gun, I know I was worried, but my local shop was very reasonable and I was very happy in the end.
Review by MOB / (Posted on 9/29/2016)
I met the nicest Daniel Defense rep the other day. He gave me the pleasure of letting me shoot one. After putting a couple rounds down range, I fell in love! Best AR i've ever shot. Overall just a great gun along with a great company. Looking forward to doing business with ya'll in the future
Review by Nick / (Posted on 9/24/2016)
At the time, price was the make or break it part. I just didn't know if I would regret the purchase. I can say that the quality and feel of this rifle are solid. I don't regret purchase now.
I went to buy a V11, but remembered I wanted to support 300 BO round, that's how I learned about the ISR300 (Gen1). As a alternative to a 2 tax stamp set up I was looking at, I didn't realize at the time this would be the perfect combination for what I wanted in a home defense rifle. My wife loves shooting it. She thinks it's so quiet it allows her to have an enjoyable experience. MSRP.....This was a huge concern for me and caused me issues, so I went to my local gun shop which I assumed it was the same as MSRP. It wasn't... and I found the amount to be fair, total tax, tax stamp, and rifle were still under MSRP by a couple hundred. I got my Gen 2 ISR300 a couple months ago and LOVE it's Quality and feels like I have the perfect rifle. I was just getting back into guns and I wanted a light, well made rifle, because I wondered if it was better to build my own vs. buy it. DD is the way to go! Gen 2 design is way better looking and amazing design for hand guard compared to gen 1 design.
Review by Bob / (Posted on 9/20/2016)
I love my DD 300 ISR. When shooting subsonic ammo, the mechanical noise of ejecting the spent brass and chambering the next round is all I hear. It makes shooting pleasant and less intimidating to my wife.
Review by Bruce / (Posted on 8/21/2016)
ISR owner
I own the first ISR and love it. Barrels last 4 times longer than other manufacturers
Review by jhodge67 / (Posted on 8/4/2016)
Review by JEFF / (Posted on 5/2/2016)
Snakeskin grips are great!
I've got your M4 556 light barrel with the same grip material. I call it "snakeskin" but I like the way I keep control when hands get sweaty. Good addition. Can't wait until the suppressed 300 comes out.
Review by Rod / (Posted on 4/28/2016)
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