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16" 6.8mm, Mid-Length, 1:11, S2W®


Out of stock

Additional Information

Manufacturing # / SKU16"_Mid-Length_1:11_S2W_Barrel
Restricted ShippingNo
Caliber6.8mm SPC
Barrel Length16"
Manuf. ProcessCold Hammer Forged
Twist Rate1:11
Muzzle Thread5⁄8×24 TPI (Threads Per Inch)
MaterialChrome Moly Vanadium
Outside FinishSalt Bath Nitride
Inside FinishSalt Bath Nitride
Gas SystemMid-length
Diameter At Gas Port.750″
Barrel ExtensionA4
ProfileS2W® [Strength-to-Weight]
ManufacturerDaniel Defense

16" 6.8mm, Mid-Length, 1:11, S2W®

The Daniel Defense 16” 6.8mm SPCII S2W® barrel is designed with a strength to weight profile (Daniel Defense's Heavy Barrel), a 1:11" twist rate, and a Mid-length gas system.

Cold Hammer Forging of barrels has been known for decades to produce the most accurate, longest lasting rifle barrels obtainable. The Cold Hammer Forging of barrels is accomplished through intense hydraulic pressure applied at opposing angles by carbide steel hammers. During the hammering process, a mandrel is inserted into the bore while the carbide steel hammers shape the barrel around the mandrel creating the chamber, the lands, and the grooves. In addition to the aforementioned benefits, the Cold Hammer Forging process creates a defect free bore and the most consistent chamber possible.

Stripped Barrel 2.31lbs 
Barrel w/ LPG2.39lbs 
Barrel w/ FSB 2.62lbs 

All Daniel Defense cold hammer forged barrels are made from start to finish in our state-of-the-art facility located in Black Creek, GA. In keeping with our heritage of not cutting corners, all cold hammer forged barrels feature a forged chamber and heavy phosphate exterior coating or Salt Bath Nitride Finish. These barrels will prove themselves to be more accurate and last longer than a barrel that has cut or button rifling.

Warranty Statement

Our Cold Hammer Forged Barrels carry a 100% satisfactions guarantee against defects in original materials and workmanship. If your barrel shows evidence of such defects, Daniel Defense will make every accommodation to fix, repair, or replace your barrel in the most expeditious manner possible. Daniel Defense does not warranty products or damage caused to our products by the correct or incorrect installation of other manufacturer’s products. Be sure to retain your sales slip as proof of purchase date when making a claim.

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Customer Reviews 1 item(s)

A good barrel for hunting
Preliminarily, I'll give it all stars. I have shot less than 200 rounds but thus far (still tweaking loads) it shoots sweet. Nice tight bolt/lock-up, the chamber did not need polishing, rifling looks good (I have not bore-scoped it yet).

I did not want a stainless barrel on this build and the functional benefit of the 16-18" jump is much greater than 18-20". SO in my opinion, 20" is more weight to benefit than I wanted. I also like the profile. I've just not been a large fan of the lightweights where the segment behind the gasblock and in front of the chamber is thinner than that in front of the gasblock to muzzle. Just like a bowstring, barrels vibrate when used.

And if I counted right, there are 5 lands. Now, all things being equal, I prefer 5 lands to 4. Six lands is good as well but on a .277 5 might be a tad easier to clean.

$150 steel is good. The crowning is as well. Well packed and shipped. And, because I am in TN, they GA and it in stock at the time, quick too.

And did I mention a mid length too. I have no timing issues, no finish blems. It is a good barrel.
Review by rldel149 / (Posted on 2/26/2016)
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