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  1. Daniel Defense V3-6.8 SPCII Upper Receiver Group

    The best multi-use rifle available! The DDM4v3-6.8 SPCII Upper Receiver Group is the ultimate complete upper for sport shooting and home defense all in one package. Accessorized with the DDM4 Rail™ 9.0, the V3-6.8 SPCII gives shooters the stopping power of a 6.8 cartridge with the accuracy of the Daniel Defense Cold Hammer Forged barrel.

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  2. Daniel Defense V3™

    The Daniel Defense M4 Carbine, V3 combines the benefits of the original V1 with the advantages of a mid-length gas system. Built around a 16-inch Cold Hammer Forged Barrel, the DDM4V3 provides shooters a 9 inch free float DDM4 Rail™, and a vertical foregrip for better weapon manipulation.  This rifle also comes with the newly designed, rugged and comfortable Daniel Defense Buttstock and Pistol Grip.

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  3. Daniel Defense V3 Upper Receiver Group

    The Daniel Defense M4 Carbine, V3 Upper Receiver Group is built with a Cold Hammer Forged 16” Government profile barrel with a Mid-length gas system.  It comes installed with our proprietary front sight base which is precision CNC machined from a solid billet of 4140 steel.  This FSB features a serrated curved design to reduce glare and is salt bath nitride treated minimizing corrosion and wear.  Fixed front sights are often regarded to be the most resilient sights and having them at Mid-length offers a longer sight radius for greater aiming precision. It also allows for a longer rail, the DDM4 Rail™ 9.0 for attaching accessories.  QD Swivels attachment points are integrated in to the front and back on both sides of the rail for fully ambidextrous sling attachment.  Daniel Defense complete upper receiver groups come complete with bolt carrier group and charging handle.

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  4. Daniel Defense 300™ Pistol

    The Daniel Defense M4, 300 Pistol is ideal for close quarters and home defense.  This new option from Daniel Defense comes complete with a 10.3” Cold Hammer Forged S2W® barrel, pistol-length gas system, pinned low profile gas block, and DDM4 Rail™ 9.0. 

    300BLK (7.62X35)

    The 300 AAC BLACKOUT is a .30 caliber cartridges developed for use in AR15-style firearms.  Unlike its wildcat predecessors, the 300 BLK is a SAAMI-standard cartridge.  It provides 7.62x39mm or better ballistics from the AR platform with only a barrel change.  It uses standard 5.56 bolts and magazines.  Ammunition is available in both subsonic and supersonic loadings.

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  5. Daniel Defense 300™ S- Factory SBR
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